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A Message from Pastor Josh Cortez

Abiding in Christ
Read John 15:4–8
           To abide means to continue for a long time or to endure. So, to abide in Christ means that we continue to believe and trust in Him over a long period of time. It also means to remain in Him, most often during the seasons of trials. We see Jesus call His followers to remain in Him to be connected and grow in Him. But the goal is not just to grow but to produce fruit. Is that our end goal?  Do we believe that we ought to remain in Christ so that others might benefit from the fruit we produce or is our abiding in Christ for our own sake?

            As we live in a crazy and chaotic world, the church must be the catalyst for change.  The fruit that we hear Jesus talking about is the gift that brings hope and healing. The fruit is the tangible work of our abiding in Christ. It is the patience, kindness, love, joy, peace, and selflessness that we find in Jesus.  His words offer much more than any program could ever offer. We must learn to abide in Him well so that we might produce fruit and help others come to know Him!

             What does your time of abiding in Christ look like? Are you being intentional by making space for Him each day?  Do you, or others, see the fruit of remaining in Christ?  Are you able to endure the hardship that has and will come?

             Our abiding in Christ is not just for your own personal growth, but for the body of Christ.  Christ calls us to abide in Him so that we might produce fruits that bless others as well. In the process of abiding in Him, we will grow, but we must do so to help others who might not know Jesus come to know Him.


Serve With Us
We believe serving is both a privilege and an act of worship. Through volunteering, we grow closer to our church family and become more like Jesus as we use our God-given gifts to bless others.